The Modern Menstruation Movement (10/10)

Source: Rhodan, Maya. 2016. “Tampon Tax Ends in States After ‘Year of The Period.’” Time. (accessed December 2, 2016). Today, menstruation is an important aspect of the feminist movement. Recognition surrounding the unfair treatment of women and girls has increased and we now have a movement for change in how we see menstruation. Only … More The Modern Menstruation Movement (10/10)

#LikeAGirl (9/10)

Sources: Always. 2014-2016. Always #LikeAGirl. Online.;;; (accessed December 1, 2016). It may seem odd to skip from 1981 to the present day, but there are important things happening right now in terms of the conversation surrounding menstruation. By understanding the historical context, where these issues are today begins to make more … More #LikeAGirl (9/10)

The Persistence of Negative Attitudes (8/10)

Source: Brozan, Nadine. 1981. “Menstruation: Survey Finds It’s Still Uneasy Subject.” ProQuest Historic Newspapers: The New York Times. (accessed November 28, 2016). Moving through the sexual revolution of the latter half of the twentieth century, it seemed likely that as society opened up about many of the historically taboo topics surrounding sex, menstruation would … More The Persistence of Negative Attitudes (8/10)

A Mother’s Influence (7/10)

Source: Clarke, Anne E. and Diane N. Ruble. 1978. “Young Adolescents’ Beliefs concerning Menstruation.” Child Development, 49 (1): 231-234. (accessed November 23, 2016). A study performed by Anne E. Clarke and Diane N. Ruble of Princeton University gave some interesting insights into the culture of menstruation. They surveyed pre- and postmenarcheal girls, as well as … More A Mother’s Influence (7/10)

“Be confident…comfortable…carefree – with Kotex!” (6/10)

Source: Albert R. Mann Library. 2014. Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition, and History (HEARTH). Ithaca, NY: Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University. (accessed November 23, 2016) The focus in the 1940s-1950s, with Very Personally Yours and Molly Grows Up, have been on young girls: how they learn about menstruation and what knowledge was being … More “Be confident…comfortable…carefree – with Kotex!” (6/10)

Very Personally Yours (4/10)

Source: Kotex. Very Personally Yours. Chicago: International Cellucotton Products Co., 1948 As the United States moved past WWII, consumerism as a form of menstrual management continued to increase. As Brumberg mentions in “Something Happens to Girls,” the industry was moving more and more into preparing girls for menarche, rather than simply supporting the modern woman. … More Very Personally Yours (4/10)